PD-L1 Antibodies

Advancing Immunotherapy Research

ichorbio is proud to offer high-quality PD-L1 (programmed death ligand 1) antibodies, designed to propel forward the research in immunology and oncology. Also known as B7-H1 or CD274, PD-L1 is a crucial molecule in the regulation of immune responses, particularly in the context of tumor immune evasion. Our monoclonal antibodies target mouse PD-L1, providing researchers with essential tools for dissecting the role of PD-L1 in various physiological and pathological contexts.

Product Highlights

Specificity: Our PD-L1 antibodies are developed to ensure high specificity for mouse PD-L1, a 40 kDa type I transmembrane protein belonging to the B7 family. This ensures precise targeting in a range of experimental setups.

Anti-mouse PD-L1:


Mouse anti mouse 10F.9G2 Recombinant Antibody

Mouse anti-mouse 10F.9G2 Recombinant Antibody LALAPG

Anti-human PD-L1:

Avelumab Biosimilar - Research Grade

Atezolizumab Biosimilar - Research Grade

Durvalumab Biosimilar - Research Grade

Envafolimab Biosimilar - Research Grade

Applications: Designed for versatility, our antibodies are suitable for a range of applications, including in vivo PD-L1 blockade, immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry (frozen samples), flow cytometry, and Western blot analysis.

Quality Control: With purity levels exceeding 95%, as confirmed by SDS-PAGE, and strict sterility controls including 0.2 µm filtration, our antibodies meet the highest standards for research purposes.

Formulation: Our PD-L1 antibodies are provided in PBS, without any stabilizers or preservatives, ensuring the integrity and activity of the antibody for sensitive applications. Endotoxin levels are rigorously controlled to be less than 1EU/mg, minimizing the risk of experimental variability due to contaminants.

Conjugation Services: Unconjugated antibodies offer flexibility for custom applications, and ichorbio provides antibody conjugation services to meet your specific research needs, whether you require fluorescent labels for imaging studies or other modifications.

Mechanism of Action: PD-L1 plays a pivotal role in suppressing the immune response by binding to its receptor, PD-1, on T cells and other immune cells. This interaction is critical for maintaining self-tolerance and modulating the immune response during inflammatory processes. 

However, many tumors exploit this pathway to evade immune detection. By using our PD-L1 antibodies to block this interaction, researchers can investigate the mechanisms of immune evasion by tumors and develop strategies for cancer immunotherapy.

Research and Clinical Implications

Our PD-L1 antibodies are not only tools for basic research but also have significant implications for clinical studies. By understanding how PD-L1 influences tumor growth and immune system response, researchers can pave the way for developing novel immunotherapeutic strategies, potentially leading to more effective treatments for cancer patients.

Explore the potential of PD-L1 in your research with ichorbio's meticulously designed antibodies. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that you receive the best tools for your studies, contributing to significant advancements in immunotherapy and beyond.

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