About Us

About Us

At ichorbio, our vision is to develop the highest quality reagents to advance scientific research and progress. We believe that the excellence of our products directly impacts the meaningfulness of research outcomes.

As a boutique reagent manufacturer, our target customers are scientists seeking reliable antibodies and other research tools. We aim to provide these products at fair prices - keeping our focus on customers, not shareholders.

What sets ichorbio apart is our commitment to the human impact of our work. We provide reagents that further drug discovery and disease treatment research. But we also recognize science is a human endeavor. Our team cares deeply about making positive change through our operations and philanthropy.

We are proud to be a member of Pledge 1% where we have committed to giving 1% of our time and 1% of our profits to impactful charities in the life science research space. Every day, we look for small ways to embed social responsibility into our work, from green business practices to charitable donations focused on improving lives.

ichorbio was born out of a vision - that business can move science forward, while still being rooted in humanity. As we progress, our founding spirit continues to drive us. We are motivated by our potential to better research, support scientists, and ultimately develop insights that save lives. Our reagents are made with care to fuel care.

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