Who is the Cheapest Supplier of Clone RMP1-14

RMP1-14 is a highly cited clone for researching PD-1. RMP1-14 is an anti-mouse PD-1 antibody which has a rat IgG2a isotype. PD-1 is a checkpoint inhibitor and RMP1-14 has shown to block PD-1’s activity. RMP1-14 has therefore been used extensively to probe the effects of PD-1 inhibition in preclinical murine models.

ichorbio is a manufacturer of RMP1-14, so we thought it would be useful to create a comparison table of sizes and prices of the highest ranking suppliers of RMP1-14 on Google. These companies supply bulk quantities (up to 100mg as standard) of RMP1-14.

The companies in question are:


Table 1: Price comparison of the main suppliers of clone RMP1-14

 ichorbioAbsolute AntibodyBio X CellBioLegendInvivogenThermo Fisher
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We are pleased to see that ichorbio is the cheapest supplier of RMP1-14, coming in about 35% lower than the closest competitor which is BioLegend.

ichorbio has also done a side by side comparison of ichorbio’s products versus Bio X Cell and BioLegend to show that our products aren’t just the cheapest but equivalent or better in all comparable metrics including endotoxin levels, aggregation and IDEXX testing.