Therapeutic Antibody Sequences

In the following link you will find a spreadsheet containing antibody sequences for 668 therapeutic antibodies.

We’ve created this as a resource for the scientific community – we hope that it will help you to design new and improved therapeutics at a faster rate.

Our spreadsheet includes antibody name, heavy and light chain sequences, target and isotype information.

You don’t need to submit any data to download the spreadsheet: we just ask that you make your colleagues aware of ichorbio and the spreadsheet if you find it useful. We are looking to add more information to the spreadsheet soon – including Fc silencing data to each sequence so please check back frequently. If you have any requests please email [email protected].

ichorbio supplies research grade biosimilars to 188 therapeutic antibodies – links to all are included in the spreadsheet.

Some examples of the therapeutic antibodies included in the list: