PD-L1 Antibody for in vivo use

ichorbio supplies a range of antibodies targeting PD-L1 including low endotoxin antibodies and biosimilar antibodies.

PD-L1 in vivo Antibodies

ichorbio supplies one low endotoxin antibody to PD-L1 – clone 10F.9G2 – product code ICH1086. Clone 10F.9G2 is supplied in bulk quantities 5mg – 100mg. Stock of these bulk standard sizes of clone 10F.9G2 are available in both the UK and USA for immediate shipment.

Gram quantities of clone 10F.9G2 can be made available to order – please contact hello@ichor.bio for a quote.

**For a limited time when you order clone 10F.9G2 you can get the same size matching isotype control for half price.**

PD-L1 biosimilars

ichorbio supplies two antibodies which target PD-L1: Atezolizumab and Avelumab. Both antibodies are strictly for research use only; they are not medicinal grade and therefore are not for therapeutic purposes.


Background to PD-L1

Plays a critical role in induction and maintenance of immune tolerance to self. As a ligand for the inhibitory receptor PDCD1/PD-1, modulates the activation threshold of T-cells and limits T-cell effector response. Through a yet unknown activating receptor, may costimulate T-cell subsets that predominantly produce interleukin-10 (IL10).

The PDCD1-mediated inhibitory pathway is exploited by tumors to attenuate anti-tumor immunity and escape destruction by the immune system, thereby facilitating tumor survival. The interaction with PDCD1/PD-1 inhibits cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) effector function. The blockage of the PDCD1-mediated pathway results in the reversal of the exhausted T-cell phenotype and the normalization of the anti-tumor response, providing a rationale for cancer immunotherapy.

ichorbio supplies a range of products related to PD-1 including bulk low endotoxin antibodies and biosimilar antibodies.