Lab Planning Documents

Lab Planning Documents

ichorbio has created a series of documents that we hope will be really helpful for organising your experiments and meetings in an around the laboratory. Our laboratory planning documents are free to download – they’re available individually or as a bulk pack of 12 pages. 

It may be that you won’t use these pages day to day as you’ll probably have a notebook for all your lab work. However we hope that the digital files will give you some new ideas about how you approach your meetings and organize your experiments to get the most out of them.

As an example, simple things like writing down the product codes of all the products you’re using in the day’s experiment (including any unique information specific to each product like lot number) can really help when you come to publish a paper or trouble-shooting if something goes wrong: see our Materials Checklist below for more information.

Full Download

Single sheets are also available to download below:

Experiment Design Prompt

Protocol Planner

Materials Checklist

Experiment Layout

Reading List

Lab Weekly Planner

Lab Day to Day Planner

Lab Day Planner

Lab Notes

Supervisor Meeting Notes

Concentration Calculator

Calculate Cell Suspension