ichorbio has the largest range of antibody biosimilars available worldwide but we know that we don’t have them all and we’re working to introduce as many as we can as quickly as possible.

If you can’t find the therapeutic antibody that you need, send us the sequence and we guarantee to deliver 5mg for $2,500. We will deliver the purified antibody in 4-6 weeks and at >95% in SDS-PAGE¬† including SEC-HPLC. The biosimilar will also have an endotoxin level of less than 1EU/mg.

Included in the price will be the final expression plasmid and we can manufacture larger amounts at our normal product prices. If you’re happy for us to add the biosimilar to our catalogue we can do the service for $2,000.

Bispecifics and ADCs will require a custom quote.

If this is of interest please contact our lab at [email protected].