CTLA-4 Antibodies for in vivo use

ichorbio supplies a range of antibodies related to CTLA-4 including low endotoxin antibodies and biosimilar antibodies. We also have a recombinant protein to CTLA-4.

CTLA-4 Low Endotoxin Antibodies

Our antibodies are low in endotoxin and have no BSA or sodium azide. We have three low endotoxin CTLA-4 antibodies: clone 9H10, clone 9D9 and clone UC10-4F10-11.

Biosimilar Antibodies that target CTLA-4

ichorbio supplies Ipilimumab which is a biosimilar targetting CTLA-4. Our Ipilimumab antibody is strictly for research use only; it is not medicinal grade and therefore not for therapeutic purposes.

CTLA-4 Background

CTLA-4 is an inhibitory receptor which acts as a major negative regulator of T-cell responses. The affinity of CTLA-4 for its natural B7 family ligands, CD80 and CD86, is considerably stronger than the affinity of their cognate stimulatory coreceptor CD28.

The therapeutic antibody Ipilimumab competes for the binding site of the endogenous ligands CD80, CD86 and ICOSLG. ichorbio sells a number of reagents for CD80 research and reagents for CD86 research.