Comparing ichorbio to Bio X Cell: Industry Pricing

This data is correct as of 24th May 2022. The data shown below is the standard prices listed on the Bio X Cell website and does not include any special offers they may provide from time to time.

ichorbio has the same pricing for our academic customers as for our industry customers, whereas Bio X Cell charges a premium to their industry customers. If you are an academic / not-for-profit please click here for your price comparison.

Comparing pricing of Bio X Cell’s InVivoMab™ antibodies with ichorbio’s Low Endotoxin antibodies

Bio X Cell prices are on average 48% more expensive than the exact same clones from ichorbio, with the highest difference of 55% for their 25mg size:

Comparing Pricing of Bio X Cell’s InVivoPlus™ antibodies to ichorbio’s Ultra-Low Endotoxin antibodies

Bio X Cell’s InVivoPlus™ range of antibodies are on average 52% more expensive than the same clones from ichorbio. 25mg and 50mg are 55% higher:

Some larger price differences

In the main all of Bio X Cell’s prices follow a similar pattern as listed above. There are a few exceptions however:

  • anti-CTLA-4 antibody, clone 9D9 
  • anti-CTLA-4 antibody, clone 9H10
  • anti-PD-L1 antibody, clone 10F.9G2 
  • anti-PD-1 antibody, clone RMP1-14

ichorbio’s Low Endotoxin antibodies are 51% cheaper on average compared to the Bio X Cell’s best selling InVivoMab antibodies. The 25mg size is a full 58% more expensive.

ichorbio’s Ultra-Low Endotoxin antibodies are more than 56% cheaper on average compared to Bio X Cell’s best selling InVivoPlus™ antibodies with the 25mg size almost 60% higher:

For a list of all ichorbio’s directly comparable products to Bio X Cell click here: