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More detail on the differences between our companies

First, we’d just like to give a quick nod to the teams at Bio X Cell and BioLegend. They’ve built two great companies with good products to help life science researchers. So what’s the difference between ichorbio and Bio X Cell? Or the difference between ichorbio and BioLegend – or any other company in the in vivo antibody space for that matter? Well of course there are a number of product features and attributes that are different between the three companies (which we review in depth further down this page),

The biggest difference is actually our DNA

The founding team at ichorbio wanted to create a company where our main focus is to supply products that have the lowest impact on the animals that they are used in. For us, the welfare of the animals used for in vivo research is the key consideration all researchers should take into consideration before beginning their experiments. So when we created the company our focus was on creating the highest quality reagents in the industry, and it is our belief that the products we created will directly impact the quality of the results obtained from them.

Looking at the 3Rs, our hope is that our products can help your work as follows:


We have made incremental improvements to the purity of our antibodies over those currently in the market and have also worked hard to reduce their aggregation.

Both of these attributes should will help in the Refinement of your animal studies by allowing our antibodies antibodies to act with greater efficacy. 


Our antibodies have the lowest endotoxin on the market which will help with Reduction by positively affecting the wellbeing of your animals.

Manufacturing in a ISO9001, GMP certified facility ensures our customers experience minimal lot to lot variability and improved reproducibility – again helping with the Reduction of the number of animals used in your research.

Please see below for more information on how our products compare with those from Bio X Cell and BioLegend.

There are a number of company led differences between ichorbio and Bio X Cell / Biolegend which are worth briefly mentioning:

– ichorbio offers Amazon Vouchers for reviews of our products. Our hope is that by encouraging researchers to submit reviews for our products future potential customers will have a clearer idea about our product quality and their applications.

– ichorbio donates 1% of our time, profits and resources to support the work of the NC3Rs

– ichorbio has a 100% product satisfaction guarantee on all our products

Need more convincing? We totally get it. So the rest of this page is for you: our products side by side with Bio X Cell and BioLegend:

Low endotoxin formulations

Ultra-low endotoxin

Ultra-Low Endotoxin formulations: comparing ichorbio’s Ultra-Low Endotoxin antibodies to Bio X Cell’s InVivoPlus™ antibodies & BioLegend’s UltraLEAF™ antibodies

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