CD86 antibody for in vivo use

ichorbio supplies a one anti-CD86 antibody – clone GL1 for in vivo use. ichorbio’s GL1 clone is available in bulk quantities with standard sizes from 5mg – 100mg. We have gram quantities readily available.


Low Endotoxin GL1 clone anti-CD86 Antibody

CD86 Background

Receptor involved in the costimulatory signal essential for T-lymphocyte proliferation and interleukin-2 production, by binding CD28 or CTLA-4. CD86 may play a critical role in the early events of T-cell activation and costimulation of naive T-cells, such as deciding between immunity and anergy that is made by T-cells within 24 hours after activation. Isoform 2 interferes with the formation of CD86 clusters, and thus acts as a negative regulator of T-cell activation. CD86 also acts as a receptor for adenovirus subgroup B. ichorbio supplies a number of reagents for CTLA-4 research.