CD70 Antibodies for in vivo use

ichorbio supplies one low endotoxin antibody targeting CD70 which is suitable for in vivo use: clone TAN 1-7. Our TAN 1-7 antibody is available in bulk quantities – 5mg to 100mg, and can be ordered in 1g sizes if needed. We have stock ready to ship in both the UK and USA.

**For a limited time when you order TAN 1-7 you can get the same size isotype control half price.**

Low Endotoxin TAN 1-7 Antibody

CD70 Background

Cytokine which is the ligand for CD27. The CD70-CD27 pathway plays an important role in the generation and maintenance of T cell immunity, in particular during antiviral responses. Upon CD27 binding, induces the proliferation of costimulated T-cells and enhances the generation of cytolytic T-cells.