CD40 Antibody for in vivo use

ichorbio manufactures clone FGK4.5, an anti-CD40 antibody for in vivo use. We manufacture FGK4.5 in bulk quantities – 5mg to 100mg as standard which 1g lots manufactured each time. Stock of clone FGK4.5 is held in both the UK and USA. FGK4.5 is sometimes referred to as FGK45 by other manufacturers and in citations. They are the same clone.

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Low Endotoxin Antibodies to CD40


CD40 Background

CD40 functions as a receptor for TNFSF5/CD40LG. CD40 transduces TRAF6- and MAP3K8-mediated signals that activate ERK in macrophages and B cells, leading to induction of immunoglobulin secretion.

CD40 is an immune checkpoint molecule.